Sunday, July 1, 2012

Pizza for Mr Darcy and Daisy from Casa Farro Pizza, Carlton

I feel like pizza tonight, so I'm just back from Casa Farro.
We've had the ...

Osso Buco - Napoli, mozzarella, osso buco, olives, rocket, shaved parmesan
and the...
Bianco Anatra - Mozzarella, roast duck, slow cooked potato, rosemary, onion ragu, shaved parmesan, basil pesto. Yum

One of the basic rights of doggies is to lick the crumbs from the pizza boxes. Isn't that so, Daisy ?
"That's right, Dad. Box one has been licked clean. You left me a little bit of duck too!"

"Starting on box two now. Now much sign of that osso buco, eh Dad ?"
Ah. Sorry about that, Daisy. It was rather nice.

Did you find enough crumbs for your liking, Daisy ?
"Oh yes Dad. Thank you. Very kind."

"I didn't seem to get any crumbs, Sir Dad." *snifflesniffle*
Well it's the quick and the hungry around here, Mr Darcy.

*winks* "He'll learn soon enough Dad. Anyway, Pizza Crumbs is the right of the TOP dog, and that's me now !"

Si the DogBlogger.

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