Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Mr Darcy's toy box. Blue Ted.

We're still pulling all the toys out of Mr Darcy's toy box.

(I'll put them all away later, and he'll pull them all out, slowly, one by one. He'll show them to Daisy and try to make her play with him, then he'll dance around the house with each one in his mouth. It's very funny to watch.)

This one is Blue Ted.

We sleep with Blue Ted to keep the bad dreams away.
"That's right Dad. Blue Ted keeps me safe at night."

Blue Ted is definitely the favorite toy. Ick, he's due for a wash too.

"Maybe later Dad. I'd better have a play with him, now that he's out."
OK, well I'll get Mum top wash him later. Here you go.

"Thanks Dad. Come and play with me, Daisy. Let's go race around the living room."

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