Tuesday, April 8, 2014

April 8 is Mr Darcy's birthday.

April 8 is Mr Darcy's birthday.
We adopted him from the RSPCA on the  Peninsula on this day in 2012. He's the luckiest dog on Earth.

Tonight you have a special roast chicken dinner for your birthday, Mr Darcy.
"Don't give it to him, Dad, roast chicken is my favorite."

Don't be a greedy pig Daisy. Anyway, this is Mr Darcy's special treat, not yours.

A little taste for you...

And a little taste for you, birthday boy...
"Yum, thanks Dad."

Here's your birthday dinner, Mr Darcy.
"But what about me, Dad ?!"

Ah, nothing for you Daisy, this is Mr Darcy's birthday dinner.

*in major panic mode* "Dad, be serious. What do you mean no roast chicken for me ?!"

Here's you dinner too. As if I would let you starve, my little fat girl.

Happy Birthday Mr Darcy. Are you enjoying that ?
"Oh yes thank you Dad. Just lovely."

 Si the DogBlogger.

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